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Insurance is a term used to describe any type of coverage that protects against loss or damage. In the cannabis industry, insurance refers to the financial security provided by a third party (the insurer) to cover losses incurred by the insured (the policyholder). Cannabis growers may purchase insurance policies to protect their crops from various risks including fire, theft, flood, windstorm, hail, vandalism, etc. Growers should always check with their insurance provider about what types of risks they are covered for and how much coverage they have purchased.

Fire Insurance

Fire insurance covers property owners against the risk of fire damage to their homes or business. If a fire occurs at a grow facility, the owner's insurance company will pay for the damages caused by the fire. However, if the fire was started intentionally, then the insurance company will not pay for the damages.

Theft Insurance

Theft insurance covers property owners against theft of their possessions. If someone steals items from a grower's facility, the grower's insurance company will pay out for the stolen goods. However, if the thief was hired by the grower, then the insurance company won't pay for the stolen items.

Windstorm Insurance

Windstorm insurance covers property owners against damage caused by severe weather conditions. If a storm causes major damage to a grower's facility or equipment, the insurance company will pay out the claim. However, if the storm was caused by a tornado, hurricane, or another natural disaster, then the insurance company might not pay for the damage.

Hail Insurance

Hail insurance covers property owners against hail damage to their homes or businesses. If a hailstorm hits a grower's facility and causes significant damage, the insurance company will cover the costs associated with repairing the damaged property. However, if the hail was caused by a thunderstorm, then the insurance company may not pay for the repairs.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance covers property owners against flooding damage to their homes or buildings. If a flood occurs at a grower's facility causing significant damage, the insurance provider will pay out for the repair costs. However, if the flood was caused by heavy rainfall, then the insurance company could deny the claim.

Vandalism Insurance

Vandalism insurance covers property owners against vandalism to their homes or businesses, including graffiti and broken windows. If someone breaks into a grower's facility to steal marijuana, the insurance company will likely pay for the damages caused by the breaking. However, if the vandal was just looking for some free pot, then the insurance company probably won't pay out for any damages.

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